Introducing Heavenly Sandals of Peace

Krista received a vision from the Lord in 2019.  In the vision, she saw a pair of sandals with a vial of essential oils sitting next to them. The Lord said, "It's time to make your sandals."  Since then, He has been guiding every step she has taken to bring the vision to reality.

Introducing THOLI Sandals with built-in essential oils, US Patent #11771173!

THOLI = The Healer Our Lord Is


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Studies Show that Your Feet Are the Best Place on Your Body to Absorb Oils

Feet have around 72,000 nerve endings that act as a conduit to deliver essential oils throughout your whole body in less than 20 minutes. Not only that, but...

  • Your feet have big pores particularly effective for absorption and fewer layers of skin to penetrate.
  • The skin on the bottom of your feet is one of the least sensitive areas of your body for skin irritation from oils.
  • Feet don't produce Sebum, an oily substance that can get in the way of essential oil absorption.

It's almost like our feet were DESIGNED for Heavenly Sandals!

Fight Back Against Toxins

Your body contains trillions of cells that are bombarded every day by toxins.  The ancient Biblical Oils in our Heavenly Sandals are divinely formulated drop by drop to strengthen your immune system to fight back against those toxins.

God's heart is for our cells to be restored to their original design.

Cassia, Cinnamon Bark, Hyssop & Spikenard essential oils are concentrated plant extracts with complex chemistry meant to work together to improve immune system health.

Sandals that Do More

Classically stylish, comfortable, water-resistant, durable - crafted from environmentally friendly materials.

Built-in Essential Oils

  • Soften dry, cracked feet
  • Replace stinky foot odor with the yummy scent of cinnamon
  • Support your Immune System

Base Design

  • Stabilizes ankle with deep heel cup
  • Moderate arch support
  • Provides cushion and shock-absorption
  • Conforms to your foot over time

With every step you take, the name of God, El Shaddai marks the earth through the Hebrew letter, Shin mirrored on the bottom.  At THOLI, we love the Lord, and we love His land, Israel.  That's why we chose to put Jerusalem's topography as the tread pattern.

"Put on the Whole Armor of God 

That you may be able to stand... having your feet fitted with the readiness of the gospel of peace." Ephesians 6:10-18

Heavenly Sandals come with replaceable, pre-filled High Quality 

Essential Oil Cartridges made to last about a month.

The oils are delivered through 100% Merino Wool.  

Our sheep our loved and cared for!

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1. Won’t oil in my shoes feel gross?

The bamboo insole is designed to hold small amounts of oil, ensuring your entire foot benefits from it and imparts a sweet cinnamon scent.  However, the oil is primarily dispensed onto the heel, where you'll only feel the soft wool it comes out of. 

2. Won’t the oil spill out and make a mess or ruin the shoes? 

The Essential Oil cartridge in each sandal is meticulously designed to prevent spills and leaks, featuring multiple seals that guide the oil from the reservoir to the wool activator disc. While upside-down storage may lead to excess oil on the wool, we recommend keeping the sandals right side up when not in use to avoid this.

3. Oils don’t work or do anything real.

Essential oils, for example the specific plant extracts in the THOLI blend, have been studied and scientifically proven to be antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, cell regenerative, antimicrobial, and have immuno-stimulant properties. Testimonies for THOLI’s formulation reveal significant improvements, such as the disappearance of cancerous spots, post-COVID recovery of sense of smell, relief from all kinds of pain, and reduced dizziness or mental fogginess. Experience the benefits for yourself by trying THOLI essential oil.  *** We do not claim that every person will experience these same results.

4. Will the oil make my feet slippery or cause me to fall?

To ensure safety, THOLI sandals are designed with features to prevent slipping:

  1. A rubber outsole with tread for slip resistance.
  2. A bamboo insole with a woven pattern, acting like tread to keep feet secure.
  3. Two adjustable straps across the top for a secure fit while moving.
  4. The essential oil cartridge dispenses a controlled amount onto the wool disc, avoiding spills and ensuring absorption only when the foot is ready.

5. Won’t it be really expensive to keep replacing oil cartridges?

The THOLI essential oil cartridges, designed to last approximately a month with daily wear, cost around $1 a day.

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